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13 / 08 / 2021
hour 20:00

Der Freischütz

(„The Fatal Marksman”) Lehmann und Wenzel (DE)

Freischütz / The Fatal Marksman

Lehmann und Wenzel

Performing: Samira Wenzel, Stefan Wenzel

Directed by: Michael Vogel

Lehmann und Wenzel mix the opera by Carl Maria von Weber, the old original tale from „Book of Ghosts “ with motifs from Robert Wilsons "The black rider".

On the story of the "Freischütz"

Johann August Apel became known with his “Book of Ghosts ”, which he published in 1810 together with Friedrich August Schulze. The story of "Freischütz“ („The Fatal Marksman”) is based on an old folk tale. In German folklore, the figure of the Freischütz is a marksman who, by a contract with the devil, has obtained a certain number of bullets destined to hit without fail whatever object he wishes. As the legend is usually told, six of the magic bullets, are thus subservient to the marksman's will, but the seventh is at the absolute disposal of the devil himself. The story was re-written between 1817-19 by Johann Friedrich Kind and Carl Maria von Weber (using motifs from other sources) into opera.

The musical of "The Black Rider" by Tom Waits, Robert Wilson and William S. Burroughs is based on the same tale as a modern implementation of the theme.

Samira and Stefan Wenzel are playing to save their lives! With objects and figures, electric guitars and wedding dresses the two of them enter a world of happy idylls and grotesque nightmares. But..... be careful as many a shot will hit its target!. ‘Object’ theatre meets chamber-opera.

Lehmann und Wenzel, is a free, contemporary puppet theatre based in Leipzig.

Their performances always have a strong visual aspect and are situated between pop culture, folklore and punk. The themes range from grand opera to personal crisis, wishes and hopes. Materials, objects and self-built puppets are just as necessary for the development of the pieces as musical compositions, texts and playfulness.